Flooding Alert

City Updates

Click here to find City of Palo Alto updates on flooding, who to talk to about 3 days of housing, and where to pickup sandbags.

Emergency Preparedness via January 3rd Newsletter

As we mentioned in our last email, a significant storm is due to hit tomorrow afternoon. Because the soil is already saturated from our last significant rainfall, this puts us at an even greater risk for flooding. The City of Palo Alto has just released updates about things you can do to keep your home and family safe here.

Some highlights from the City's latest update: There are now 4 sandbag stations for residents to use, a Resource Center will open at Rinconada Library's Embarcadero Room for folks to gather or get assistance tomorrow at noon (1/4) and consider moving your car to higher ground if you live in a flood-prone area.

As there are also warnings regarding high winds in addition to the rains, be aware that some people might lose power. What would you need to make it through that? It is much better to be over-prepared and not need to use the options available to you than to not have options when you need them. The Red Cross and Ready.Gov (a FEMA website) are additional resources that have excellent information on what to do to prepare now, survive during, and be safe after

Flooding Update from the City of Palo Alto on December 31st

Good news, San Francisquito Creek water levels are receding, and the storm is passing, with flood risk at a lower level. Please note that the National Weather Service predicts a larger storm to hit our area by January 4-5. Staff will continue to monitor creek levels and share updates, as needed.


There are several rain events anticipated over the next 10 days. Residents in flood risk areas should take precautions and prepare now.

  • Get Notifications from the City: Police Nixle, SCC Alert, City of Palo Alto Twitter, Facebook, Nextdoor. Click here to connect.

  • Use Sandbags to Assist with Future Flood Risk: Sandbag supplies are available at Rinconada Tennis Courts, located at the corner of Newell Road and Hopkins Avenue

For residents that have flood damage to their homes, please email the City at stormdamage@cityofpaloalto.org and staff will follow-up. Please include the following details: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Mobile Phone Number, Do you have flood insurance? Did water get inside your home? What is the level of damage to your residence.

The City is establishing a process to offer three nights of hotel accommodations at select hotels for those who we confirm are flooded out of their homes. Please provide contact information at the above email address to coordinate this service.

Additional Resources

If you were unhoused or living in a vehicle during this storm, please call the Here4You Hotline to get a bed in a local shelter: (408) 385-2400 (Open 9 a.m. - 7 p.m)

If you're a tenant, please email the City at the above email address to see if you qualify for 3-days of housing assistance. In addition, contact your landlord immediately to work out a long term approach to potential mold mitigation and establish a path to returning home.