Policy Priorities

After surveying our members, other renters, and weighing the policies, our Steering Committee selected 4 policy priorities for 2021.

  1. Rent Registry

Palo Alto's municipal code already includes a rent registry. Unfortunately the City never fully implemented it. It is impossible to really understand what it's like to rent in Palo Alto, or to develop strong public policy without a clear understanding of the data about the number of rental units, the current rent rates, and what housing services are offered. A rent registry would do this!

2. Public Education

We are committed to convening organizations and service providers that can help renters in Palo Alto navigate their relationship and rights with their landlord.

3. Tenant Harassment

We have a zero tolerance policy for tenant harassment.

4. Affordable Housing

The average rent in Palo Alto is almost $3,000 per month. With median home prices at $3 Million in the city, subsidized affordable housing is the only way we'll see new neighbors at all income levels.